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GreenDoorGourmet [watch]
Join us as we tour the organic fields of Green Door Gourmet where we find the typical Tennessee Crops, and some unusual ones too.


Courtyard At Abe's Garden [watch]
A connection to nature has a profound impact on quality of life, and that’s certainly true for individuals with dementia. The courtyard at Abe’s Garden is a safe, expansive environment that encourages engagement for residents and their guests.


Mixed Border Beds [watch]
We return to the gardens of Jimmy Williams of Paris, Tennessee where the deep border beds, gorgeous plant groupings and themed beds will have you reaching for a notepad.


Sinking Creek Farms [watch]
We tour Sinking Creek Farm where sustainable farming practices and community outreach are the main components.


Stephanie Dwyer Metal Artist [watch]
We meet an artist who specializes in Southern folklore metal work for outdoor spaces, with a focus on bottle trees.


Japanese Maple collection [watch]
We tour a home garden where elegant Japanese maples grace the landscape and add color to every season.


Hosta Hydrangea and a hillside [watch]
One sign of a true gardener is that they can always make room for one more plant that catches their eye. That’s the case on this episode--the gardens have expanded. We stroll a shady backyard with tranquil sitting spots to enjoy the many hosta and hydrangea. Then, we follow the paths through a front yard where the plant selection creates beauty and habitat for wildlife.


Angie Tonner Garden Tour. [watch]
Annette Shrader meets a Clarksville gardener who delights in dividing perennial plants and thereby increasing the garden spaces in her yard.


Plant the seed. [watch]
Julie Berbiglia plays in the big “outdoor classroom” with some young gardeners participating in the Plant the Seed program.

Julie’s segment was taped at Ross Elementary, Nashville with Plant the Seed


Troy Marden shows how gardening can be accessible for folks with limited mobility at the sensory garden at Rochelle Center in Nashville. [watch]


U-Pick-It vegetable garden [watch]
Located in Franklin, TN this garden's mission is to be a resource for healthy living with a U-Pick-It vegetable garden, and raised beds for lease.


Hillside Gardening [watch]
We’ll see how one person’s pledge to be a good steward of the natural resources on her property ultimately benefits the wetlands and creek just beyond.


Nashville City Cemetery [watch]
Majestic trees, heirloom flowers, and heaps of city history await visitors at the Nashville City Cemetery. Marty DeHart visits with members of the Davidson County master gardeners who take good care of the shrubs and garden beds in this peaceful place that’s also a horticultural treasure.


Gardening With A Purpose [watch]
On this program, we spotlight gardens with a purpose beyond the harvest. Plus, we’ll introduce you to the motivated and passionate garden managers who make it happen. Whether it’s a garden where the community comes together to plant and reap, or one that provides fresh produce to feed the hungry, there’s a lot of good growing in Tennessee. 


David Allard Vegetable Garden [watch]
We visit David Allard's vegetable garden that is high-producing, and pretty as a picture. A terraced hillside takes advantage of the sunniest spot on a wooded lot, maximizing usable garden space.


Herb Society of Nashville Display Garden [watch]
We take in the scents and sights of the display garden of The Herb Society of Nashville. 
The Herb Society of Nashville display garden is located behind the Arts Center in Centennial Park, Nashville. It is free and open to the public.


Leon Olenick Tour [watch]
Marty DeHart meets her horticultural match in this gardener who selects good-performing trees and shrubs which are unique in form, color and texture.


Ron Novak Tour [watch]
Phillipe Chadwick encourages us to think outside the box when displaying fresh floral stems.


Urban Homesteading [watch]
Phillipe Chadwick learns about urban homesteading 2013 style on a tour of a city backyard garden that strives to create a nutrition loop and employ sound organic gardening practices.


Carol Burdett Tour [watch]
Marty DeHart finds the Cumberland Plateau's natural rock formations serve as both the inspiration and the focal point for the various beds of Carol Burdett, master gardener with Cumberland County.


Paul Schneider Tour [watch]
Troy Marden tours the expansive gardens of an avid plant collector (Paul Schneider).


Robyn Brown Tour [watch]
Troy Marden lists the key points of good garden design on a tour of a friend's landscape that has both shade and sun. Amending the soil, planning pathways, selecting hardscape materials, choosing good performing plants, and planting them in the right spot; it all adds up to beautiful garden beds.


Ellendales Garden Tour [watch]
Sheri Gramer helps with the daily harvest of vegetables and herbs in the 7,000 square feet of gardens at Ellendale's Restaurant in Donelson. Beets, squash, corn, tomatoes, radishes, basil, rosemary and lavender flourish in the organic beds.


McKendree UMC Community Rooftop Garden [watch]
Julie Berbiglia takes us to the rooftop of a downtown Nashville church building that hosts a community garden featuring deep raised beds, large planters and rain barrels.


Farm in the City [watch]
We visit a community garden that makes great use of a tract of land just below the interstate in Nashville. Farm in the City offers very affordable raised bed rental complete with soil and water. Herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers can be found in this place where fresh is celebrated.


Paul Moore Garden Tour [watch]
We visit a mature hilltop garden brimming with native plants at peak springtime perfection. Troy Marden highlights the perennials, shrubs and trees that bring color and fragrance to this garden, and are dependable too.


Hands on Nashville Urban Farm [watch]
Julie Berbiglia visits the Hands on Nashville urban farm to see how their 'food forest' maximizes land use.


Tony Herrera Garden Tour [watch]
Marty DeHart finds a small yard that hosts a plethora of horticultural treasures. She learns for this gardener it is about picking the right plant for the right spot, and judicious pruning helps too.


Whitehall House and Gardens [watch]
Troy Marden and Phillipe Chadwick head up to Louisville Kentucky for garden tours from three very different landscape settings. First, we tour the stately and formal gardens at Whitehall Mansion and Grounds where garden rooms set the tone and atmosphere.


Bellevue Edible Learning Lab (BELL garden) [watch]
Julie Berbiglia introduces us to the ambitious 'can do' community advocate behind the Bellevue Edible Learning Lab (BELL garden). This one acre plot features sustainable garden practices such as water catchment, composting, and pest control.


Michael Shane Neal Garden Tour [watch]
Troy Marden visits both the artist and the landscaper who have combined talents to fill a blank garden canvas with color, texture and structure.


Hosta Garden Tour [watch]
Troy Marden tours an expansive residential garden featuring 800 hosta varieties, plus some unique plant specimens that create a horticultural treasure.


Devlin Farms CSA [watch]
Jeff Poppen visits with the Delvin family on their large organic farm (Devlin Farms) to see how they continue to keep customers happy with a variety of farm fresh produce.


Birth of Bells Bend CSA [watch]
Neighbors in Bells Bend decided to form community gardens as a way to do something productive and sustainable with the rural landscape. Jeff Poppen visits with a farm manager to learn how an aggressive plan actually exceeded expectations.


Henry Horton State Park Prairie [watch]
We visit Henry Horton state park to see how the development of native prairies has both enhanced the natural landscape while creating a nurturing wildlife habitat.


Dixon Gallery and Gardens [watch]
Troy Marden strolls the shaded walkways of the Dixon Gallery's (Memphis) formal terraced gardens highlighted with annual color and explores the array of flower beds full of beautiful stems.


University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative [watch]
Tennessee is becoming the forerunner in alternative fuels research with the biofuels initiative at the University of Tennessee. We'll learn how scientists and farmers are working together toward one part of the energy solution.


Meigs Middle School Garden Tour [watch]
Troy Marden visits Meigs Magnet Middle School where the parents have been planting, pruning, weeding and watering to make the campus both a source of pride for the community as well as a learning experience for students.


Garden Tour with Barbara Gregg [watch]
We visit with a gardener whose yard is looking beautiful even in mid-July and learn how she began with a blank palette just a few years ago.


Garden Tour with Jeff Ray [watch]
Annette Shrader visits with Jeff Ray (WKRN Meterologist) who designed a functional and neighbor-pleasing garden in the front yard.


Garden Tour with Mitch Hampton, Part 1 [watch]
Troy Marden enjoys the opportunity to take a look inside the gardens of a fellow designer and plant enthusiast to get his twist on clever design for a country setting.

Garden Tour with Mitch Hampton, Part 2 [watch]
Troy Marden enjoys the opportunity to take a look inside the gardens of a fellow designer and plant enthusiast to get his twist on clever design for a country setting.


Bloom n' Garden Show [watch]
Julie Berbiglia visits the Bloom n' Garden Show.


Native Grass Prairie [watch]
Andy Sudbrock visits a church in Franklin where members replaced a high maintenance lawn with a low maintenance native prairie that serves as habitat for wildlife.

Restoring a Native Prairie [watch]
Join Julie Berbiglia as she walks through a native prairie full of grasses, flowers and wildlife and learns the seeding and maintenance needs.