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General Gardening Advice

Tomatoes In Containers

Growing Peas in Tennessee
Whether it’s snow peas, sugar snaps or English peas, Jeff Poppen reaps plentiful harvests. He’ll share his experiences from a healthy seed soaking, to plant support, to necessary crop rotation.


Big Mama Tomato
We’ll visit with a man whose green thumb has grown a towering tomato plant that’s yielded bushels of tasty fruit.


Plan before you plant
Jeff Poppen emphasizes the need to plan before you plant.


Basil and Bergamont [watch]

It's frustrating when your vegetable garden gets struck down by disease, or decimated by pests. But don't quit! Jeff Poppen shares advice on curing the common problems of tomatoes, squash and cucumber plants.


Common Problems [watch]

It's frustrating when your vegetable garden gets struck down by disease, or decimated by pests. But don't quit! Jeff Poppen shares advice on curing the common problems of tomatoes, squash and cucumber plants.


Microgreens [watch]

Microgreens such as kale, arugula, carrots and herbs are grown in a controlled, clean environment. Then the crops are delivered, still in their growing medium, for local chefs to harvest as needed for fresh at its best.

Rain Barrels [watch]

Julie Berbiglia shows how rain barrels now come in a variety of designs and user-friendly features.

Neighborhood Creeks and Streams [watch]

Learn about homeowner responsibilities for healthy streams and waterways from a member of the Metro Storm Water division.

Early Start to a Vegetable Garden [watch]

Jeff Poppen visits Bells Bend Farm to highlight farming methods that will extend the season, and preparations for an early Spring start to growing.

Garden Consult [watch]

Jeff Poppen visits a backyard vegetable grower to share experiences and knowledge.

Plant Problems: Part 2 [watch]

Marty DeHart continues her examination of typical plant problems experienced during the extremely hot and dry growing season.

Plant Problems: Part 1 [watch]

Marty DeHart profiles some plant problems she has seen in typical Tennessee gardens this season.

Blueberries [watch]

Marty DeHart shares her tips on growing blueberries.

Propagating Berries [watch]

Jeff Poppen demonstrates how to propagate berry shrubs.

   Natural Soil Amendments [watch]

Troy Marden helps us nurture the life-sustaining qualities of our garden soil to produce healthy plants.

Re-mineralization [watch]

Jeff Poppen explains the importance of re-mineralizing garden beds to ensure optimum plant performance whether ornamentals or vegetables.

Dividing Perennials [watch]

Marty DeHart demonstrates how to divide perennials in early Spring.

Iris Maintenance [watch]

Andy Sudbrock learns the differences in care and maintenance between bearded and beardless iris.

Garden Design Concepts [watch]

Andy Sudbrock learns how design elements such as layered mass plantings, functional recreational areas and effective use of screen plantings can make a large yard feel cozy.

Organic Garden Knowledge Through Trial and Error [watch]

Our own Jeff Poppen shares tips on what works for him as he farms organically.

Ask the Barefoot Farmer [watch] 
The Barefoot Farmer, Jeff Poppen, entertains questions from the folks picking up baskets of fresh vegetables from his organic garden.

Flood Damaged Garden [watch] 
Troy Marden shares helpful information for ornamental and vegetable gardeners post-flood damage.

Container Design [watch] 
Marty DeHart visits with the container designer at Barn Nursery to see pots that carry color throughout the autumn.

The Wonders of Compost Tea [watch] 
Julie Berbiglia visits Tennessee's Bicentennial Mall to learn how native trees are benefiting from frequent applications of compost tea.

Farming on a Small Scale [watch] 
Jeff Poppen, the Barefoot Farmer, shares some tried and true lessons for beginner vegetable growers.

Lawn Mower Mantenance [watch] 
Its spring and theres no time like the present to get that lawnmower serviced for the season. Julie Berbiglia finds out what needs tightening, replacing or sharpening to keep your mower running at peak performance

From Tobacco to Community Supported Agriculture [watch] 
Jeff Poppen explains how local farmers and conscientious consumers have come together to bring new life to market gardening with community supported agriculture.

Bioswells [watch] 
Julie Berbiglia visits a Nashville city government campus that is setting a green example for storm water management.

Easy Access Gardening [watch] 
Julie Berbiglia learns new ways to garden that are easy on the back and joints.

Onions [watch] 
Jeff Poppen shares his tips for growing onions in our Tennessee soil.

Aquaculture [watch] 
Julie Berbiglia learns about an innovative way to garden that combines a tank of fish, in this case tilapia, and a soil-less garden. It serves up as the entrée and salad at harvest time.

Espalier [watch] 
Sheri Gramer travels to River Road Farms to see the various types of full-sized trees and shrubs that have been trained into the European form of espalier.

Renewal of Stones River Landscape Marty DeHart learns of the work at the Stones River National Battlefield to eradicate invasives and replace with natives.


How-To Tips

Monochromatic Floral Designs. [watch]

Bokashi Composting
Julie Berbiglia learns bokashi composting from a master gardener.


Urban Hydro Project [watch]

Phillipe Chadwick introduces us to the Urban Hydro Project that has a vegetable production facility in a residential building in downtown Nashville.

Growing Giant Produce [watch]

How does one grow a 200 pound watermelon? Bryan Obara learns the seed variety, growing methods, and special accommodations that have to be made to support such prize-winning produce as grower Freddie Burcham shares all.

Hay Bale Gardening [watch]

On this episode, we'll show you a way to have home-grown vegetables and herbs despite a lack of good soil or garden space. Straw bale gardening is simply container gardening that allows plants to thrive even while sitting on concrete.

Dividing Perennials [watch]

Troy Marden digs up and divides some tried and true perennials.

Carefree Paperwhites [watch]

Sheri Gramer shares her fool-proof method for starting paper whites.

Pruning Crepe Myrtles [watch] 
Annette Shrader demonstrates how to prune a crape myrtle to showcase their handsome bark.

Propagation Through Wood Cuttings [watch] 
Marty DeHart shows us an easy way to save money and have lots of plants.

Propagation Through Root Cuttings [watch] 
Marty DeHart shares how easy it is to double your plants by starting root cuttings.

Soil pH [watch] 
Marty DeHart visits with a soil expert to help you become a green thumb by properly preparing your soil.

Eradicating Invasives [watch] 
Julie Berbiglia discusses several common trees, shrubs and plants that have been labeled as invasive and ways to eradicate them from your yard.

Rose Propagation [watch] 
Marty DeHart heads to Brighton, Tennessee to learn rose propagation from the hybridizer of many popular rose introductions.


Plant Groups and Varieties

It is is not only pretty in the garden, but its poised to be the super food of the future. It produces a gluten-free, high-protein grain that’s easily digestible. Dr. Matthew Blair, associate professor, shows us around the amaranth trial gardens at Tennessee State University’s research farm to talk about this plant that’s been called the next best thing since quinoa.


Daffodils are like the smiles of springtime, and Troy Marden visits with an enthusiastic grower of thousands of these bulbs. From the teensy yet perfect, to the gaudy and gorgeous, we talk all things narcissus.


Winter Interest in the Ornamental Bed [watch]
When planning an ornamental garden, it's good to have a variety of plants to ensure there's something pretty in form, foliage or flowers year-round. Troy Marden showcases dependable trees and shrubs that offer interest in form and structure during the dreary winter months. 


Rita's Rare Plants [watch]
Herbs have been used for centuries to ease ailments and promote well-being. We'll visit Lisa's Greenhouse that specializes in medicinal herbs, and native plants.


Lisa's Greenhouse and Gardens [watch]
Herbs have been used for centuries to ease ailments and promote well-being. We'll visit Lisa's Greenhouse that specializes in medicinal herbs, and native plants.


Azalea [watch]
Troy Marden showcases native azalea cultivars; sharing tips on how to site and plant for optimum performance.

Hops Production [watch]

Jeff Poppen explains how hops are grown, and in this instance, harvested for a special run of Bells Bend Preservation Ale. Segment produced in affiliation with Yazoo Brewing Company.

Durable Plants at the Nashville Zoo [watch]

Julie Berbiglia visits the Nashville Zoo and learns the secrets of keeping their gorgeous landscape healthy and thriving.

Daylily World [watch]

Stand-up blooms, intricate patterned and colorful eyes, strong foliage and double forms...all attributes that daylily hybridizers are breeding into new plants. Troy Marden visits with two multi-award winning daylily growers to learn the present and future of this beloved and easy-to-grow perennial.

Shade Perennials [watch]

Vertical Interest [watch]

Annette Shrader has a checklist of showpieces for vertical interest in the yard or garden.

The Future of Hostas [watch]

Annette Shrader visits with a hosta hybridizer Bob Solberg to find out what characteristics are being bred into this popular plant.

Drought Tolerant Plants [watch]

Troy Marden provides a plant palette that's perfect for that spot down by the mailbox that is hard to water.

Tropical Plant Introductions [watch]

Troy Marden takes us behind the scenes into the world of tropical plant hybridizing to learn what attributes are being bred into new introductions. New compact and showy specimens are hitting the market.

Heuchera [watch]

Marty DeHart showcases the colorful foliage of the family of coral bells.

Plant Showpieces [watch]

Troy Marden takes us on a tour of his garden featuring show-stopping specimens one might expect from an avid plant collector.

Arums and Arroids [watch]

Marty DeHart shows us lots of possibilities in textures, color and leaf shapes from the Arum family of plants.

Magnolia Varieties [watch]

Andy Sudbrock shares his picks for magnolias.

Loper Daylily Garden [watch]

Sally Reynolds sees just how pretty a backyard can be on a visit to the home of a Hendersonville daylily enthusiast.

Sun Perennials [watch] 
Marty DeHart keeps a sunny perennial border as a focal point in the garden every season with top performers.

Great Begonias [watch] 
Marty DeHart keeps a sunny perennial border as a focal point in the garden every season with top performers.

Tried and True Perennials [watch] Troy Marden showcases the dependable, tried and true perennials for a Tennessee garden.

Butterfly and Hummingbird Attractor Plants [watch] 
Troy Marden shares a wealth of plants that are great butterfly and hummingbird attractors.

Planning Annuals [watch] 
Troy Marden visits Cheekwood Botanical Garden the first week of October when annual beds are at their peak of color and growth

Types of Roses [watch] 
Troy Marden talks roses from climbers to miniatures to hybrid teas on a visit to a bloom-filled rose garden in Hendersonville.

Spring Wildflowers [watch] 
Sheri Gramer walks along the meadows and hillsides of a Tennessee hollow brimming with spring wildflowers.

Sweet Peppers [watch] 
Marty DeHart shares her picks for best-performing sweet peppers for our Tennessee gardens.

Five Worthy Iris [watch] 
Annette Shrader visits with an iris hybridizer to find out his top picks for spectacular bloom.

Tropical Plants to Try [watch] 
Troy Marden introduces us to some beautiful tropical plants in their peak.

Succulents [watch] 
Troy Marden showcases a wide variety of striking succulents that are sure to be a focal point in the garden. We'll look at both hardy and non-hardy varieties for our area.