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July 2017


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Episode 2601
Airs on 7/6/17 and 7/9/17

On this Volunteer Gardener, we’ll have it made in the shade—a beautiful shade garden that is. Annette Shrader finds plenty of colorful blooms and stately foliage in this terraced garden. Then, Phillipe Chadwick walks in the sunshine with an enthusiastic grower through her raised beds brimming with vegetables. We’ll see how using espalier techniques can transform the ordinary into garden focal points. Tammy Algood combines fruit with bacon for a morning treat. Dried Pear Bacon Bread sounds yummy indeed.

Sheri’s segment was taped at River Road Farms
Decatur, TN



Episode 2602
Airs on 7/13/17 and 7/16/17

Chic and trendy, today’s indoor plants are as much about décor as they are greenery. Matt Kerske introduces us to new and dramatic foliage for the home. Plus, we’ll tour lovely mixed ornamental and herb beds that benefit from a breathtaking backdrop. Marty DeHart talks with author John Tullock about his book, Growing Hardy Orchids.
Matt’s segment was taped at Gardens of Babylon Garden Center
900 Rosa L Parks Blvd
Nashville, TN 37208
www.gardens of

Plants featured were:
Sanseviera (Snake plant) ‘Bantel’s Sensation’
Sanseviera cylindrica (Devil’s ivy, Pothos)
Ficus lyrata (fiddle-leaf fig)
Epipremnum aureum
Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen) ‘Siam Red’
Davallia fejeensis (Rabbit foot fern)
Zamioculcas zamiifolia (zz plant)
Crassula ovata (Jade plant)
Aloe spinosissima (spider aloe)
Cereus peruvianus
Euphorbia tirucalli (Pencil cactus) ‘Firesticks’



Episode 2603
Airs on 7/20/17 and 7/23/17

On this episode, we’ll talk mulch, makeover and microgreens. An empty backyard can be a terrific asset to new homeowners. Matt Kerske sees how a family’s desire for growing edibles, and a play spot for their growing child was realized in this updated outdoor space. Weed suppression and moisture retention are two benefits of mulch in the vegetable garden. Jeff Poppen shares insights about what he uses and how much. Julie Berbiglia introduces us to what’s known as vegetable confetti or microgreens. These nutrition-packed tiny plants take only 2-4 weeks from germination to harvest. We see how a gardener has a microgreens production operation in his basement.



Episode 2204
Airs on 7/27/17 and 7/30/17

Stand-up blooms, intricately patterned eyes, strong foliage and double forms…all attributes that daylily hybridizers are breeding into new plants.  Troy Marden visits with two multi-award winning daylily growers to learn the present and future of this beloved and easy-to-grow perennial.  Julie Berbiglia joins the chef of the Nashville Zoo on a tour of the herb garden located at the Croft House at the zoo.
Troy’s segment was taped at Daylily World with David Kirchhoff and Mort Morss.
1301 Gilberts Creek Road
Lawrenceburg, KY40342

Julie’s segment was taped at the Nashville Zoo
3777 Nolensville Pike,
Nashville, TN 37211

The following recipes are from Chef David Miller of the Nashville Zoo:

Fresh Herb Poultry Brine

Fresh Herb Compound Butter